Ecuador is one of those rare, diverse countries that no matter how much you explore, you know there are plenty more adventures to be had. It just keeps calling you back, begging you to see more of its beautiful land.

We didn't originally plan on traveling to Ecuador. Our original plan was to spend 3 full months in Peru - exploring the jungle, coast, and mountains. But then we did a bit of research on the neighbor to the north and realized Ecuador had the same things - plus, a couple of magical hiking trails, off the beaten path destinations, and what was sure to be some amazing adventures. So we bought a bus ticket and headed north. We never regretted our decision once.

While we only got to spend about two weeks in the country, we tried to fit in as much adventure as possible. The only problem: Luke was terribly sick with what we later found out was giardia (not fun). But he was a real trooper, so even though he completely felt like he was dying we still were able to go backpacking, visit the equator, walk around beautiful Quito, explore Banos and take a trip around the very modern city of Guayaquil. 

Ecuador uses the USD, so 1 USD = 1 USD
Ecuador Time (GMT-5); -1 from NYC, -6 from London
Along the coast December-April, in Quito there are 12 hours of sun
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