Incredibly diverse, naturally stunning, and historically rich - Peru is one of the best places to get completely off the beaten path and have an amazing adventure. With one of the driest deserts in the world to the south, the high Andes in the middle, and the thick, green Amazon in the east - there are plenty of places to explore. 

10 weeks in this wonderful country was still not enough. In fact, most of that time was spent in the southern half of the country: Ica, Cusco, Arequipa, etc. And while we absolutely loved that area of Peru - and had quite a few memorable adventures - we definitely feel like a second trip is in order just for the northern half (hello Amazon!). Either way, Peru is definitely one of the best places for authentic exploration.

Rich in culture, Peru is a history lesson just waiting to be learned. Get to know past civilizations who were way ahead of their time (and we aren't just talking about the Incans), get off the beaten path, and discover villages that'll transport you back in time, and finally - while we are not city people - there is something very exciting about walking around and exploring towns like Cusco, Ayacucho, and even the capital city, Lima. All three of which have a rich history - both from times past and more modern-day. 

The trick to seeing, really seeing, Peru is to completely get off the tourist track and explore the country's wide array of hidden gems, including small towns on the edge of the jungle, high mountain passes with wild horses, and rich green coffee plantations. So, are you ready to get to know off the beaten path Peru? 

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Peruvian sole (PEN); 1 USD = 3.94 soles
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6.2 Mbps (average)
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Peru Standard Time (GMT-5); -1 from NYC, -6 from London
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Driest/sunniest from May-October, though we were there January-March and it was nice and quiet.
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