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The Ultimate Guide to Bus Travel in Colombia

Small colorful buses in Colombia



Buses are by far the most common transportation method throughout Colombia. From the luxury overnight buses that crisscross the country, to the smaller, rough and rowdy chiva buses that trundle down mountain backroads, you can pretty much find a bus heading to every possible destination - no matter the size.

If you are planning to spend some time in Colombia, it is likely you will have your own (memorable) bus experience. So if you are looking to explore the country like the locals (how very slow traveler of you) then keep reading for everything you need to know about using the highly efficient, highly affordable buses in Colombia.

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\\ Buying Tickets

It is luckily super easy to purchase bus tickets in Colombia. In most cases, you can simply show up at the bus station and buy your ticket in person, either for that day or for an upcoming trip. When we decided to leave Cartagena and head to Armenia, we just went down to the bus station, asked around for which companies had routes to Armenia, and then bought the tickets. Super easy.

Now if you are instead looking to buy your tickets digitally, your best bet is to check out Busbud or PinBus, the latter of which is specific to Colombia (so the site likely will be in Spanish).

\\ Route Availability

One of the best parts about Colombia’s bus system is that you can practically reach any city, no matter how small or remote it is.

For example, you can take a bus from Cartagena to Armenia (which is located in the center of the country) and get off at any of the small towns (or random 4-ways) along the way. Plus, because bus travel is so common, you can usually just talk to your driver beforehand and let him know exactly where you need to get off and he will make sure to stop for you. Or, in some cases, you can simply just stand up and ask the driver to let you out, no matter if there is a stop there or not.

Also, buses run quite frequently, especially if you are looking to visit towns nearby. For example, in the town of Armenia you can catch a bus about every 20 minutes to the nearby towns of Filandia, Salento and Circasia. Similarly, you can usually catch a bus within half an hour to towns a bit farther away (like Pereira or Manizales).

And because bus travel is so common, especially for locals, there are often a plethora of bus companies and routes available. If you want to figure out exactly how to reach a specific town, we recommend just heading down to the local bus station and asking around.

Colorful chiva bus in Colombia forest


\\ Efficiency & Road Conditions in Colombia

One of the most common questions when it comes to bus travel in Colombia is about the road conditions themselves. In truth, because of Colombia’s relatively rough topography (the Andean Cordillera mountain range stretches along almost the whole length of the country), the roads can be quite rough. Not to mention curvy (we haven’t ridden a bus on a straight road yet).

Plus, because it rains quite a bit, the chance of landslides and flooding is also relatively high. Therefore we suggest taking the quoted travel times more as a possibility, and not as a hard expectation if that makes sense.

Similarly, travel times can change daily even on the same routes. For example, when we took a bus from Armenia to Medellin, it took us 8 hours for the first trip (to Medellin) and 10 hours on the way back. This change in time was largely due to a 2.5 hour hold-up at a construction site working on clearing a landslide.

So in the end, it is better to err on the side of a trip taking longer than expected instead of the quoted time. So if making plans, make sure to give yourself plenty of buffer time just in case the bus hits some issue (like construction or a landslide).

INSIDER TIP: because the roads are quite curvy and rough, we recommend bringing some motion sickness medicine if you are someone who gets car sick easily.

\\ What Does it Cost to Take a Bus in Colombia

Bus travel is often one of the most affordable ways to get around the country, especially if you are only looking to go a short distance. Below are a couple of things to keep in mind when planning a bus trip around Colombia.


DISTANCE: the closer the destination, the cheaper the fare.

For example: from Armenia to Pereira (30 kilometers) it costs 9900 COP per person. But from Armenia to Medellin (286 kilometers) it cost 70000 COP per person. This is also especially true when taking buses between small towns nearby or within a town itself (the bus in Armenia costs 2100 COP no matter where you are going).

DEPARTURE & ARRIVAL TIMES: more often than not, the cheaper fares occur when either the arrival or departure times are “sub-optimal.” This usually means you either are departing at a super early time (say 3 AM) or arriving at a really early time (say 2 AM).

For example, take a bus ride from Medellin to Cali. The cheapest fares (60000 COP) are connected with buses that leave either at 3 AM or arrive at midnight.

THE STYLE OF BUS: as you might expect, the total cost of a fare also depends on what type of bus you are taking. If you are looking to take a night bus and want to be comfortable, then expect to pay more for a more luxurious bus with seats that almost lay flat and that offer TVs and electrical outlets.

The best way to find what a bus ticket will cost is to go online. Some great sites to check out are Busbud and Pinbus.