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Colombia had been seriously hyped up to us by a wide array of people - including fellow backpackers when we were down in Peru and one of our best friends, who had actually traveled to the country previously (and LOVED it). Safe to say, we were curious about the South American country. So after planning our lives around becoming digital nomads we bought two one-way tickets and set off.

We didn't know what to expect from Colombia. Would it be as magical as everyone had said? Or would we find ourselves a bit out of sorts and questioning what all the fuss had been about. What we did know, was that we were visiting at a weird time: the middle of 2021, and the middle of a still-raging worldwide pandemic. It was an interesting time to be abroad indeed. Because of that, we found ourselves in Cartagena practically alone; in fact, it took us almost a week to spot any other Western tourists. A good sign in the past but today a rather depressing reminder that the world, and travel, has changed. 

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Colombian Peso (COP); 1 USD = 3,838 pesos
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3.38 Mbps (average); faster in cities
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Colombia Standard Time (GMT-5); +1 for NYC, +6 for London
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Weather doesn't fluctuate much, holidays are very busy.
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