every two weeks we will pick a country to highlight and learn about. this idea came about after reading the book, "Maphead" by Ken Jennings. if there was one thing we took from that book is the importance of learning about other countries, other places around the world. 

so we thought, why not pick a random country, do a bit of research and showcase it. so come back every couple weeks to see what country we highlight next and learn a bit about a magical place that you may or may not know much about.

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13.7942° N, 88.8965° W

While Central America is a popular spot for cheap, backpacker-friendly adventures, one country that often stays under the radar is El Salvador. Thanks to the mass media this small - but stunningly beautiful - country is often labeled as "unsafe" and "dangerous." And while there is some truth to that, that should not keep you from visiting this true hidden gem. Volcanoes, cloud forests, black sand beaches - El Salvador is just begging to be explored. 

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