Every two weeks we will pick a country to highlight and learn about. This idea came about after reading the book, "Maphead" by Ken Jennings. If there was one thing we took from that book is the importance of learning about other countries, other places around the world. 

So we thought, why not pick a random country, do a bit of research and showcase it. So come back every couple of weeks to see what country we highlight next and learn a bit about a magical place that you may or may not know much about.


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41.1533° N, 20.1683° E

Due to it being closed to outsiders until the latter half of the 20th century, Albania has remained a quasi-enigma of Europe. But since its reopening to the rest of the world people have slowly started to realize that this small, stunning country has plenty to offer travelers of every type. With gorgeous mountain scenery, crumbling castles, a boisterous capital city and absolutely dreamy beaches, Albania is the perfect spot to combine outdoor adventure with cultural immersion. Below you will find all the necessary facts about the country, as well as some interesting stats and of course, all the best adventures to be had.

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