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Our first foray into the magic that is South America came about after daydreaming for too many months during our final year of college. After studying abroad in Thailand during our junior year, we both headed back to the USA - and back to our respective colleges, which happened to be in different states (Luke in California, Madalyne in Colorado). After a year and a half of long-distance, we finally decided to head off on another amazing (slow travel) adventure - this time to Peru.

The Land of the Incas was everything we wanted and hoped it would be. Rich in culture, rich in diverse landscapes, and rich in adventure. After two weeks of go go go travel (which included stops in Lima, Ica and the famous oasis of Huacachina) we realized we were running out of energy (and money) real fast. So we took a break, looked at a map and decided to head off to someplace a bit quieter, a bit more off-the-beaten-path. Enter Ayacucho. A town once totally barred from travelers (and locals) due to terrorism. Luckily, today it is a beautiful city with lots of places to explore. And even better - almost no tourists. 

After two and a half months in Peru, which included exploring the city of Cusco, riding a motorcycle to Machu Picchu and hiking to Rainbow Mountain, we found ourselves drawn farther north to neighboring Ecuador. Luckily, the bus system is top-notch in Peru and we easily found a long-distance route heading to the metropolis of Guayaquil. From there, the country opened to us and truly beckoned our untamable spirit.

If you are looking for a place that is not only culturally rich but also incredibly diverse - then consider heading to South America. We promise you will find something magical.

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