We left our hearts in Thailand. Well almost. In truth, we fell in love with not only each other during our 6-month voyage around the beautiful country, but also adventure travel in general: motorbike road trips, street food, mango sticky rice, and hidden temples. Thailand has so much to explore that it can be a bit overwhelming. From the Rose of the North (Chiang Mai) to the famous beaches in the south, to the authentic hill tribe villages that live in the jungles of the Himalayan foothills. 

Thailand has everything you could want from a country: exciting adventure, authentic culture and history, delicious food, and even darn good coffee. We were lucky enough to spend six months there during college (we both studied abroad at Chiang Mai University), and while we were there for school - we were really there to explore. And man, explore we did. 

This magical country will always hold a special place in our hearts - not only because it is  where we fell in love, but because it is also where we realized that when we headed off to travel again, we wanted to do it the same  way we did in Chiang Mai: slowly and sustainably.

Thai Baht (THB); 1 USD = 32.82 baht
Indochina Time (GMT+7); -11 for NYC, -6 for London, +1 for Hong Kong
November to April for dry, warm weather. Chiang Mai is bad in February (very hot & smoky).
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