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Oh, America. With your multiculturalism, thousands of miles of roads, and countless natural wonders, you are the perfect place to spend a month, a year, a lifetime exploring. As two people who were born and raised in the United States of America, we know how lucky we are to have so many different places to explore. And believe us - we have tried to see as much as possible. 

Looking for sharp, snowcapped mountains? Head to Colorado. Looking for red rock desert and deep slot canyons to get lost in? Then Utah is the place for you. Looking for a lush green rainforest? Then explore the Pacific Northwest, and the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state specifically. Those are just a few of the (many) wonderful places that can be found within the bounds of the United States - a country that encompasses almost 3.8 million square miles, 95,471 miles of coastline and countless mountain ranges. It is also home to 63 National Parks - giving you an idea of just how many beautiful places there are to explore (and that isn't even considering National Monuments and National Forest land). 

While we love traveling internationally, we also love being able to explore so many unique places in our own backyard. For us, jumping in the car and going on a road trip is one of the best ways to see the country. Keep reading for inspiration and information to inspire your next trip to the United States. 


The best time to visit totally depends on where you want to go and what adventures you want to do. Overall, summer (June - August) is a safe bet - especially in the Western half.


This is tough. But if visiting the USA, you should try to go backpacking or hiking in the Rocky Mountains, hit Highway 101 in California and explore Utah's Canyon Country.


A year, haha. Again, totally depends on what you want to do. A safe bet (for one or two states) is a month or two.


The United States Dollar (USD). $1 = €0.93

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