Vietnam is one of those places where it feels as if adventure is right around every corner. From the bustling, yet tranquil city of Hanoi, to the limestone karsts and waterfalls of the northern region, to the ancient, traditional cities in the center. Vietnam is quickly changing, melding the old with the new and creating a bustling dichotomy of culture, cuisine, exploration and beauty. 

We went to Vietnam on a bit of a whim. Was it due to the cheap flights out of Bangkok, or was it because the vibrant green country was calling our adventurous spirit? Or was it because we saw they had one of the most beautiful train rides in Asia at a discount price? No matter the reason, once we touched down in Vietnam - heck once we saw the landscape fan out before us from our small plane window - we knew we had made a wonderful decision to spend some time in the country. 

Vietnamese Dong (VND); 1 USD = 23,028 dong
Indochina Time (GMT+7); -11 for NYC, -6 for London, +1 for Hong Kong
Between December and February the temperatures are mild and the rain minimal.
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