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Oftentimes, cities are places we journey through not in. We prefer being out in nature - exploring forests, jungles, mountains and coasts - compared to being in any sort of busy metropolis. But, with that being said, sometimes a magical city will catch our hearts and makes us want to stay a day or two (or even longer). 
Because at the end of the day, cities have their own energy and life that pulls you in. There are secrets to be uncovered, people to meet, foods to try, sites to see and experiences to be had. Throughout our travels we have spent time in a few magical cities, many of which at first glance don't appear like much. But when you choose to spend more time in a place - really spend the time to get to know it (aka slow travel) - you realize that the mundane becomes wonderful, that the simplicity of it all is why it is so great and that there is usually some pretty great local food...). 

Below are some of the cities that have captured our hearts, and we know they will capture yours as well. Make sure to explore our in-depth city guides and our long weekend itineraries.

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