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Oftentimes, cities are places we journey through not in. We prefer being out in nature compared to being in a busy metropolis. But even so, sometimes a city just catches our heart and makes us stay a day or two (or even longer).


These are a few of our favorite cities - both large and small - that we believe have that perfect balance of authentic culture and exciting things to explore.

A huge metropolis that totally took us by surprise, Monterry is a true hidden gem in northern Mexico - complete with culture, cuisine and national parks.

One of the tallest capitals in the world - and one with 12 hours of sun 365 days a year (!) - Quito is one of the few big cities we could actually see ourselves settling down in. 

A small town in the mountains of Ecuador that definitely lived up to our expectations. Full of exciting adventure, this little village is a must-visit.

One of the most exciting and culturally rich cities in Southeast Asia, this metropolis captured our hearts and adventurous spirit.

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